"All Urantia is waiting ..."  image

"All Urantia is waiting ..."

Help us reach the high-potential demographic of progressive Christian seekers.


We need an additional $12,000 by mid-2020. Please make your contribution now!

Who do you say that I am? will be a feature-length film exposing progressive Christian leadership and seeking Christians to the beauty and refreshing spiritual vision of The Urantia Book. Help us reach this high-potential demographic with your contribution!

Where does the money go?

Urantia Book Films is redefining low budget film production, but equipment maintenance and repairs, subscription Internet services, subscription software services, fee access to academic resources, graphic artist services, office supplies, vehicle expenses, and insurance add up to average monthly expenses of some $525.00.
Long-term expenses are becoming more critical as we approach post-production in 2020. These include licensing of copyrighted material and archival footage, software upgrades, hiring of a Spanish narrator, music production, distribution and promotion expenses, and studio expenses for professional video and narration recording.
$2,000.00 has already been donated for distribution expenses. By the third quarter of 2020 a minimum of an additional $12,000.00 will be needed to move forward with completion of post-production.
Bringing the revelation to the attention of contemporary religious leadership through the medium of film simply cannot be done without your help. Auto debits help with ongoing monthly expenses. Larger or one-time contributions enable us to build up reserves for post-production expenses projected for 2020.
If you feel this film has potential for increasing awareness of the revelation and its message, please help make that possible by making a contribution today or remembering us in your year-end giving planning.

And did you know that for 8 years we have been the only Urantia organization focused on exploiting this number one mass communications resource for revelation dissemination? Please help us!

Since 2014 there have been more than 6,200,000 views of our short videos on various social media platforms. There have been some 90,000 views of our feature length film, Re-Imagining Jesus, in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Our outreach is global. 24/7 someone is watching Re-Imagining Jesus on Amazon Prime Video and being exposed to The Urantia Book. We can greatly increase this exposure only with your financial help.

Over 8,000 Spanish DVD versions of Re-Imagining Jesus have been distributed by our reader distribution network in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Brasil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Venezuela, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Cuba, Bolivia, and the Canary Islands.

All of this costs money. What we're able to achieve is strictly limited by available resources, expanded and extended by what readers like you contribute. 100% of every contribution goes directly to dissemination.

Thank you for contributing whatever you're willing to share with this project.

"All Urantia is waiting ..."

Urantia Book Films, a dissemination project of Rocky Mountain Spiritual Fellowship, is a network of digital media artists, technicians, and financial supporters dedicated to spreading awareness of The Urantia Book using leading edge communications technologies.